Creality Ender 3 Bltouch Adaptor

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Pin 27 board makes the installation of a Filament Sensor or a BLTouch fast and easy.

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*****BLTouch and S-Melzi board in pictures are for illustration only, they are not included with the Pin 27 Board***

Listing is for one (1) Pin 27 Board only. The source for the Marlin Firmware is located at drive.google.com/open?id=0BzlIkWNBI2ijM3o1aFlpV0xueTg or at Github github.com/jRam84/Marlin-CR10

the mount is available here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2493610

Pin 27 board makes the installation of a Filament Sensor or a BLTouch fast and easy. Normally to install either of those items you would need to cut a wire from the Ribbon Cable and also get GND and 5v from somewhere else in the CR-10 stock S-Melzi Board.

With the Pin 27 Board all you need to do is 5 easy steps (this assumes you have the control box open and a Bootloader already flashed):

Disconnect the Ribbon Cable from the EXT1 header Board

Connect the Ribbon Cable to the Pin 27 Header Board

Connect the Filament Sensor or BLTouch 3 pin wire to the JST XH connector on the Pin 27 Board (Make sure your wires connect to the right pins. Pinout from top to bottom: 5v, GND, Signal, the Board also has the labels next to the JST XH connector)  Be careful here as if you use a straight through connector it swapped the connections so i had to swap 5v and ground as shown in one of the images.

Connect the Pin 27 Board to the EXT1 header in the S-Melzi Board

Flash the Firmware with BLTouch or Filament Sensor enabled, that is it.

You must have a Bootloader flashed to your CR-10 Board in order to use this. Support for that is not provided. If you wish to flash a Bootloader follow the Instructables guide or ask for help in any of the CR-10 Facebook groups.

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