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ESP32 MiniKit Debug Shield

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A breakout board for making wiring up the ESP-Prog debug board really simple

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I am selling Brian Lough’s designs under licence,  for any support issues please contact ourselves for any questions/issue.


NOTE: This requires additional hardware other than just the ESP32 Dev board. Please read the “Additional Required Hardware” section

What is it?

It is a Shield for the ESP32 MiniKit that breaks out the JTAG pins to allow connecting an external debugger that enables you to debug your Arduino Sketches using Platform.io. With the debugger you can step through code and change the value of variables on the fly.

Why did you make it?

After watching Andreas Spiess’ video on debugging your sketches using Platform.io, I thought a board that broke out the appropriate pins to a 10p IDC connector would be really useful. So instead of connecting your ESP32 board to the ESP-Prog via dupont wires, you can just use a 10P ribbon cable.

Additional Required Hardware

You will need the folloing:

  • ESP-Prog JTAG board, available from Aliexpress for around $20 delivered (It is also available on mouser, but shipping is very expensive to me at least)
  • ESP32 MiniKit development board.

What comes with the kit?

  • 1no. ESP32 MiniKit Debug Shield PCB
  • 1no. 10p IDC connector

Optional Add-ons

  • 4no. 10p Female jumper pins

Additional Info

Please note: I could not program the ESP32 (via it’s own USB cable) while the ESP-Prog was connected to it. Disconnecting the ribbon cable worked.

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