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Creality Ender 3 Bltouch Adaptor

Creality Ender 3 Bltouch Adaptor

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*****BLTouch and S-Melzi board in pictures are for illustration only, they are not included with the Pin 27 Board***

Listing is for one (1) Pin 27 Board only. The source for the Marlin Firmware is located at or at Github

the mount is available here

Pin 27 board makes the installation of a Filament Sensor or a BLTouch fast and easy. Normally to install either of those items you would need to cut a wire from the Ribbon Cable and also get GND and 5v from somewhere else in the CR-10 stock S-Melzi Board.

With the Pin 27 Board all you need to do is 5 easy steps (this assumes you have the control box open and a Bootloader already flashed):

Disconnect the Ribbon Cable from the EXT1 header Board

Connect the Ribbon Cable to the Pin 27 Header Board

Connect the Filament Sensor or BLTouch 3 pin wire to the JST XH connector on the Pin 27 Board (Make sure your wires connect to the right pins. Pinout from top to bottom: 5v, GND, Signal, the Board also has the labels next to the JST XH connector)  Be careful here as if you use a straight through connector it swapped the connections so i had to swap 5v and ground as shown in one of the images.

Connect the Pin 27 Board to the EXT1 header in the S-Melzi Board

Flash the Firmware with BLTouch or Filament Sensor enabled, that is it.

You must have a Bootloader flashed to your CR-10 Board in order to use this. Support for that is not provided. If you wish to flash a Bootloader follow the Instructables guide or ask for help in any of the CR-10 Facebook groups.

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