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ESP32 I2S Matrix Shield v1.3

ESP32 I2S Matrix Shield v1.3

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I am selling Brian Lough's designs under licence,  for any support issues please contact ourselves for any questions/issue.


What is it?

This shield is for easily controlling RGB LED Matrix panels using with a Mini 32 ESP32 board ,aka the ESP32 D1 Mini.

Assembly Required: This shield is a kit, but uses all through hole parts so is easily assembled.

It is designed to work with the ESP32-RGB64x32MatrixPanel-I2S-DMA library. It will not work with PxMatrix library! Use this board if you want to use PxMatrix.

NOTE: This board will only work with Matrix displays that the I2S library supports. Please check out the libraries' Github page for more information.

Why did you make it?

The RGB LED matrix panels are one of the coolest displays you can use with an Arduino, but there is quite a bit of wiring to connect them up and also they are a little awkward to power. The panels are only about $20 from aliexpress/eBay

This board makes wiring them really simple! The board just slots directly onto the input header pin and has screw terminals to connect the power cable that comes with most panels.

Unlike previous matrix panels I sell, this design does not require to connect to the P-Out connector using the ribbon. It should also be better able to handle connecting to multiple displays. It is also much more performant than the previous version.

What makes it special?

This really makes using the display as simple as possible and can be used to make some pretty awesome looking projects!

It also has pins broken out for GY521 (MPU6050) accelerometer module so you can make some pretty interesting falling sand projects with it!

Examples sketches for using these displays.

The ESP32-RGB64x32MatrixPanel-I2S-DMA library comes with some pretty cool examples. I really recommend checking out PatternPlasma and AuroraDemo

Note: These displays are difficult to video correctly, they look much better in person!

PatternPlasma- Click here for larger

Pattern Plasma

Aurora - Click here for larger


What is included?

Each ESP32 I2S Matrix Shield is a kit and comes with the following:

  • ESP32 I2S Matrix Shield PCB
  • 220uF 25V Capacitor
  • 220k resistor for discharging the Cap
  • Schottky Diode (1N5817)
  • 3 male pin headers
  • 1 Jumper block
  • 16 pin female header (2x8)
  • Large Green screw terminals
  • 2 x standard screw terminals

What is NOT included?

The following components are not provided, but are required to use this board.

  • Mini 32 ESP32 Board - These can be bought on Aliexpress/Ebay for around $5. The Add-ons listed here have all been tested and come with 4x10p Male and Female Header pins.
  • Compatible HUB75 RGB LED Matrix Panel
  • Most (all?) panels come with a power cable, this board requires this.
  • A 5V PSU cable of running the display (roughly 5A for a 64x32 model). The barrel jack is standard 2.1mm Jack, but you can also use the optional screw terminals to power the board.

Will it work with my display?

I can't answer that for sure, it should work with any display that works with the ESP32-RGB64x32MatrixPanel-I2S-DMA library. I can't guarantee that all display's will work.

More information

If you are looking for installation instructions or more information about the board, please checkout the boards Github page.

Coding Support

Please note that I can not provide coding support for this item. I can offer some troubleshooting advice on getting them working (but please also read the section labeled "will this work with my display") and I can point you to some examples I have created using these board, but I will not be able to give support on building something specific.

Change-log of versions

  • V1.2 - First Released version


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