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Power Bank Keep-Alive based - USB Type-C

Power Bank Keep-Alive based - USB Type-C

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This product is identical to our popular Keep Alive Kit but this version uses SMD components so is now smaller and this version is USB-C. Both connectors are USB-C female so to connect to your powerbank a usb-c to usb-c will be required (not included). I have chosen this option so that less stress is placed on powerbank connectors.

When I'm working on small projects, I like to power them off of a power-bank or a similar item. Sometimes, the device draws such a small amount of power that it shuts down the power to the USB port as it thinks the device is off.

What does it do?

This device that I've designed will stay on by pulsing the power line to ensure that it doesn't shutdown. It utilizes the 555 timer in an Astable circuit. With the configured resistors and capacitor there is a 50% duty cycle which equates in roughly a 10mA draw with a pulse of approx 130mA. Combined with the draw of the device, this shall be enough to keep the powerbank active. The data lines are directly connected and unaffected.

What is included?

  • Assembled PCB

  • Heat Shrink cover

If you wish to modify the output for a different duty cycle (Warning tricky with the components being SMD, I would recommend the KIT for modding), the timing can be calculated using the following website:

This is provided as an assembled unit with a heatshrink covering

Stock and different options

If you are looking to buy more than I have listed, or if one particular option that you are looking for is out of stock, please contact me and I should be able to arrange listing it for you!


The pass through should work with all devices as the data lines are unaffected. With the resistor values chosen on its own, it should not keep most powerbanks alive but combined with a very low power device it should be enough to stop the powerbank from powering off.

Please note this is not designed for USB PD devices, putting more than 5v through the device may damage it/or your product. There are two 5.1k resistors which set the output from a powerbank to 5v but if a PD device was then plugged in it may confuse the powerbank with unpredictable results.

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