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RS485 to wifi adaptor for Home Assistant

RS485 to wifi adaptor for Home Assistant

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This is similar to my other designs but has a screw terminal for a direct A+B connection from a RS485 device and utilises the popular wemos D1 mini which allows easier flashing and connectivity as it has a usb port built in.

Software This device is primarily to designed to work with Home Assistant and can be configured for any ID and registers as required which are setup in the yaml config in HA. I do plan a new version of my custom software which is used on my other products which would allow the device to be used stand alone, there is no set date for this however.

Available as assembled only currently due to SMD design

What's included?

  • 1x Assembled RS485 to ESP8266 board
  • 1x Wemos D1 mini (Optional and limited supply)
  • 1x 3D printed enclosure (Optional)

The boards have been tested with a growatt inverter and as people test i shall post them here. RS485 systems work with a ID and then specific registers which can be set

Why did you make it? With my other products i have focused on product specific solutions for the likes of EPEver and Solis but i had a requirement for connecting to a generic RS485 device and so came up with the new version which provides the same functionality but with a simple screw terminal option which can then be used with any RS485 device.

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