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Solis RS485 to wifi adaptor

Solis RS485 to wifi adaptor

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This design leverages my existing designs in combination with a custom made cable which gives a plug and play solution. The cable provides communication and power for the device so no external power is required.

A major benefit of this design is that another device is no longer required if all you wish to do is check how your solar is doing. This fits nicely if you have a solar setup where you would not want to be running a raspberry pi or similar just to connect to the Inverter.

The device leverages ESPHome, technically this can work standalone but is best used with HomeAssistant.

The ESPHome Yaml required is available here: - Link

If you wish to print the case yourself the files are available at Link 

Available as assembled only currently due to SMD design

What's included?

  • 1x Assembled solis RS485 board
  • 1x Custom Solis to RJ45 cable
  • 1x Wemos D1 mini (Optionsal)
  • 1x 3D printed enclosure (Optionsl)

The boards have been tested on the S6 inverters, it should in theory work with all Solis Adaptors with this connector but if in doubt drop me a line.

It has been confirmed tested and working on the following Inverters - S6 line

Why did you make it?

This new system allows the data to be viewed via a web interface without the need for a pi or PC but it can also push the data natively to Home Assistant. This means that it is not dependant on any other devices to access the data.

Why is this more expensive than your other products?

This requires a hand made cable to connect from the RS485 board to the solis controller.

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