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What is it?


The Zero Stem is a PCB shim kit designed by Alistair Buxton that turns a Raspberry Pi Zero into a USB dongle. Once the shim is installed, your Raspberry Pi can be plugged directly into a computer or USB hub without any additional cables or power supplies.

The Zero Stem is compatible with the Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3 and the Raspberry Pi Zero W v1.1.

It is not compatible with the older Raspberry Pi Zero v1.2 or any full-size Raspberry Pi.

Why did you make it?


The Zero Stem is designed to be soldered directly to the USB test points on the bottom of the Raspberry Pi Zero, needing no wires or pogo pins.

What makes it special?

You could use a Zero Stem to create a portable VNC server, or even cluster several Raspberry Pi Zeros with just a USB hub.

Once the Zero Stem is installed, the Raspberry Pi acts as a USB device using its own Linux kernel gadget drivers.

Please visit the Documentation page for more details.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Will the Pi Zero Micro USB ports continue to work after installing Zero Stem? The existing USB port will work as long as the Zero Stem USB connector is not plugged in to a computer or hub. The power connector will continue to function as normal.

Can the camera connector still be used after installing Zero Stem? Yes, but it is a bit difficult to plug in the camera cable after installation, so I recommend plugging in the cable first.

What size are the mounting holes? The mounting holes are M2.5, the same as the Pi Zero. However, M3x6 mounting screws and bolts are supplied in order to prevent any sliding between the Zero Stem and The Pi Zero.


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